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Published: 11 March 2017

By Andy Ross

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This coming week is a special one for us in the studio. We are celebrating the end of the first part of our tweed research project. 

On Saturday 18th, we are hosting a lunch for the people who have helped us with interviews, access to collections, and information about the tweed industry in Shetland. We have discovered many new things and learned more about what made the manufacture of tweed in the 20th Century so important to people who lived and worked in the industry. But this is only the start. There is much to learn still and more work to do in preserving and supporting the heritage that we are so proud to be working with. 

In the longer term we are going to be creating a website with resources on it such as archive photographs (like the one on this page which is of a particularly bright cloth from the Hoswick collection) and documents, interviews and the like. It is an Exciting Project and one that will take us some time to get right. But in the interim this part of the project is done and we want to celebrate with our new-found friends. 

If you fancy helping us or want to learn more about what we have found, please get in touch and have chat. You can email, telephone on 01957 744 355, or send us a message via the website.  

Huge thanks to the Heritage Lottery Fund who supported this part of the project, and to the tweed team who have done and continue to do the work that is needed to help us preserve and nurture the weave heritage of Shetland.