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Published: 08 August 2015

By Andy Ross

The week ahead

Dear readers of the blog... we have a BIG week ahead of us.

On Sunday our Meet your Maker event with Craft Scotland starts. Kirsty Jean has warped up looms with blocks of colour and twills for people to try their hand at weaving, and very lovely they look too! Head on over to our Facebook site to see what has been going on. The event is on through to mid-week and anyone can pop in to ask questions, have a chat, and generally enthuse about weaving, cloth and colour. 

On Monday, Aaron from AVL Looms arrives at the studio to begin the installation of the New Loom. We are calling the loom "Alvin", named by Kirsty, and we are fully expecting Tybalt, the studio dog to help and assist with the installation. The installing will go on through Tuesday with training on Wednesday. You can see some of the pictures (below) of the boxes and the large truck which delivered all the boxes on Monday to the studio. I had to lie down in a darkened room after that, I can tell you!

SunsetOn Thursday I leave for our August textile tour. Four days of adventure across the whole of Shetland with visitors from Denmark, UK, Canada, Sweden and Switzerland. And this trip is with nine visitors so we have two vehicles and a guide/ driver for the whole time. I think it is going to be a great tour especially as the heather is in full bloom Heatherand the hillsides are turning purple and pink. 

To put it simply, this week is going to be totally amazing and very busy. I hope you all understand that there probably won't be time for a blog next Sunday, but I will make up for it the week after. This time in two weeks, we will have an operating loom, all being well and fingers crossed, and we will be starting to plan our newest adventure!

Tally ho, everyone... Onwards and upwards!

The boxes fill the studioEven more boxes

Truck arrives