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Published: 25 March 2017

By Andy Ross

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Updating the website

Regular readers of the blog will notice that our website has changed. 

Although music is still very much part of the work I do in Shetland, it is time to concentrate on textiles and to give those of you who are interested and curious in all things textile-y and textile related a more focused website. This is not to say that we will leave music and other arts things off of the blog! No indeed, those things will continue to inspire and inform, but we need to have a site that gives people the information they want and one that is easy to use. 

So now we have a reference library page where you can see download the list of books in the library, and we will continue to add to that. 

We also have a tours page which we will continue to update and add to. 

There is a new page for Shetland Tweed Research where we will put all the information we find out about the industry so that anyone can access it. To start this will be a little bit haphazard while we put all the information online, but gradually we will sort it into categories and make the site more usable. 

The residencies and stays page will also be updated and will remain on the site. Anyone is welcome to apply for a residency or a stay by emailing us and having a chat. 

I hope these changes make the site easier to use and will encourage people to come and visit us over the summer, to see what we can offer, and to continue to grow the interest in Shetland and its tweed heritage.