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Published: 27 September 2014

By Andy Ross

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Between the Web and the Loom

A loyal friend of this blog has sent in a fascinating piece which is a collaboration between a tapestry weaver, a dancer and a choreographer, a sound recorder and a moving image artist.

Called Between the Web and the Loom, the piece uses the Orcandian sea and landscapes, a short story by George Mackay Brown called The Weaver, and the sounds of the last weaving mills in the Borders. The piece premiered this year in the Spring and a fine review of it appears here.

The links between sound and textile, dance and image are beautiful. Have a look at the movie of one part of the dance and sound called Panels, and for a better idea of what the whole piece looks like, go over to Vimeo where you can see an extract. For anyone who knows something about weave in industry, the dance is evocative and mesmerising.

The artists and craftspeople involved in the making of this wonderful piece were choreographer Claire Pencak, dancer Shamita Ray, tapestry artist Joan Baxter and film and installation by John McGeoch of Arts in Motion with sound by James Wyness. Thank you for sending this beautiful link in, dear reader.