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Published: 19 April 2014

By Andy Ross

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Shopping on the internet

Over the past few months, we have been buying pictures, fabrics and photographs on the internet. Our buying habits have changed and so has the way we view the world.

It is easier than ever to purchase fabrics from all over the world like this fabulous piece which has recently joined the stash, and to find paintings to decorate the walls at the studio. Of course, I am lucky to be able to go to the Shetland Gallery next door and purchase prints like Sea Holly which reminds me of a textile print and which is being framed to hang in the studio too, but it must be said that the ability to browse through hundreds of images and find something lovely is Awfully Good Fun!

This week, we purchased a photograph of a ventriloquist's dummy taken by the artist Laurie Simmons. A quick search on the Web revealed that the artist had also done a film called "The Music of Regret", intriguingly with Meryl Streep, and the film is online. So we watched with a glass of wine this witty, fun, sad, regretful and wonderful film. Thanks to the web we are a little bit richer this week.