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Published: 06 January 2012

By Andy Ross

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Weavers we know - Ann Sutton

Over the past few years, we have been very lucky to work with some amazing weavers. In this, our fifth year, we are going to celebrate by looking at their work and what those weavers are doing now with occasional blogs.

Ann Sutton was our introduction to the fascinating world of weave. We met Ann through a project that we were doing in London, having emailed her to ask if the Ann Sutton Foundation could weave a whirlpool! Ann's response was succinct - "Whirlpools are our speciality", and we were hooked.

Ann has been to Shetland twice now, once with the Foundation before we took it over, and once subsequently to do some workshops with our students and to give a talk at the opening of ASF Shetland.

With her tremendous pedigree in innovative weave, Ann has been an exciting influence on many weavers, and her books and methods are widely taught in colleges and universities, and used by weavers from around the world. Ann has now turned her hand to painting. Her most recent exhibition was at Somerset House in London, and at the Dovecot Studios in Edinburgh, and you can find some images of her painting work here.

The Ann Sutton Foundation is now called ASF Shetland and we are very pleased to have a set of the books that Ann has published over the years. The books are part of the collection that is open to the public; please contact us to come and use the resources.