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Published: 18 February 2017

By Andy Ross

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A beautiful book of weaving patterns

Over in the USA the Handweaving.net team have come up trumps with an historical resource recreated.

In 1819 a weaver, Heinrich Böscher, compiled a document of weave patterns and instructions. The book is now in the Sterling and Francine Clark Art Insitute Library, has been scanned by another library, the Hathitrust Digital Library, and placed into the public domain. And it is here that Handweavers.net found it and have transcribed the book, fixing errors and giving subscribers access to this resource. 

Work like this is invaluable. Not only do we now have the original manuscript written in quill pen and speaking to us from two centuries ago, but we also have up to date and clear pattern book to work from. What a great resource for craftspeople, artists and historians to work with...