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Published: 27 April 2016

By Andy Ross

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the weather diaries

While in Reykjavik, I went to an exhibition called "the weather diaries". What an incredible and wonderful show!

In 2014, the Nordic Fashion Biennale was celebrated with an exhibition of photographs and essays. The photographs have been shown have been shown in public before but I had never seen them. So, finding out about the exhibition before leaving Shetland, I resolved to go. 

The show is on in the Nordic House, and is a collaboration between artists and designers, and the artist duo Sarah Cooper and Nina Gorfer, who travelled Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands recording pictures of people in unusual and fantastical clothing and settings. It is absolutely incredible - a powerful body of work; reminders of the bleakness of the landscape and the warmth of people who live in these places. You can see some of the pictures here, and for those of you who make it to the studio in Yell, we have a copy of the book that was produced. Please ask us if you would like to see it. There is also an online video with the makers and film-makers which you can see here. 

(Photo courtesy from the Nordic House website and Cooper & Gorfer, with thanks)