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Published: 29 June 2012

By Andy Ross

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Washing cloth the Shetland way

This week, Carol Christiansen, textile curator from the Shetland Museum and a Swedish weaver, Lena, came up to the North Isles on a search for some very special places. Now, my spelling in dialect is not great so forgive me if I get it wrong, but they were looking for teevacuddies which are inlets from the sea where people used to full their cloth! What an amazing afternoon we had. We talked about the idea and what happens in the process, and the upshot is that we have donated three pieces of woven material to the team to see what does happen when wool  is put into the sea to be fulled.

This year is proving a great year for visitors. We have had people from Australia, Canada, the States, Japan, and Norway, Cyprus and now Sweden, and it is still only halfway through the summer!