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Published: 16 September 2022

By Andy Ross

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Warm Heritage

The book contains a secret; a small piece of wrapping paper printed with a photograph of a quilt! 

It is perhaps not surprising that quilts are an enduring fascination in New Zealand.

In the early years of colonisation, quilts and coverlets provided warmth at home and their making brought people together. Patchwork made use of worn-out clothes and sacks, and long sea voyages were often cause to take sewing kits and materials along to pass the time. In a new-to-the-library book, Warm Heritage: Old Patchwork Quilts and Coverlets in New Zealand and the Women Who Made Them, the stories of these textiles and their makers have been researched and compiled. The book is filled with colour photographs and, slipped between pages, is a charming piece of wrapping paper that has been printed with a photograph of a quilt made of triangular shaped pieces of fabric (pictured atop the book). The book features work from France, the UK, Switzerland and the USA as well as locally-made pieces.