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Published: 04 March 2017

By Andy Ross

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That warm, fuzzy feeling you get...

You know that warm, fuzzy feeling you get when you see a penguin dressed in a jumper. You don't? Well, read on...

Thanks to a reader who clearly spends a lot of time on the interweb trawling through masses of stuff to bring us interesting stories (thank you, Mr H!) we now know that people, at the drop of the merest hint about an animal in need, will down tools, pick up needles and knit something. And it ain't just jumpers for penguins. No, indeedy. It is scarves for giraffes, sweaters for elephants, caps for horses... You name it, someone somewhere has probably knitted (or woven, sewn or stitched) it for one of our feathered or furry friends. 

Of course there ARE practical reasons for these things. Stopping penguins preening and therefore ingesting oil during spills is one such, and, as the article on atlasobscura says, perhaps this is a way of saying "sorry" for causing the upset. But, again to misquote the article, it is also good to see our animal and bird friends enjoying the benefit that something handmade brings!