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Published: 27 April 2019

By Andy Ross

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Walking to work

It is the time of year for long walks in the evening, and for walking to and from the studio.

As our days lengthen, rapidly at this time of year, so our seasonal activities shift and alter. It is getting to the time for outdoor work, gardening and mowing and planting, and time to go along the banks and hills for inspiration.

This morning's walk (Saturday if you are interested) has been lovely. There is a cool breeze blowing and all around huge clouds with sun shining through. The colours are blues and greys with a pink tint when the sun rays hit the clouds opposite. Above, the larks are larking and curlews curlewing. It may be early in the growing year still for us but things are definitely getting on with the frantic activity of the season. 

We have been busy at work making new cloth for The Shetland Tweed Company. Inspired by the colours of the walk to work at this time of year, the cloth is a variation on a classic - the houndstooth. Can't beat something so timeless, can you?