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Published: 15 April 2017

By Andy Ross

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Volunteers wanted

We are looking for summer volunteers...

The studio gets busy over the summer and we have loads of visitors who come in and want to see around. We try to speak to everyone who comes in but this year we are busy making cloth and it is not going to be possible to give everyone the Guided Tour, even though we love having visitors. So we are looking for volunteers to help us out. 

If you fancy giving us some of your time we will provide training and give you access to one of the looms at the studio to try out in return. We will also provide tea and coffee and biscuits! The studio is a great place for inspiration because we have a library of interesting books and many, many reference fabrics in the collection. Volunteers can use our reference store to work in, and we like to encourage people to come up with new ideas for us to try. 

Send us an email if you want to visit us first, or simply drop in and have a chat...