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Published: 01 October 2022

By Andy Ross

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The World of Wearable Art

WOW is truly a spectacle.

This weekend we have been at the show in the capital and, having looked forward to attending the event for ma y years, it did not disappoint. With entries from designers across the globe and different categories ranging from "The Elizabethan Era" to "Wearable Technology" there is an amazing array of costume on display. When this is accompanied by acrobats, dancers, music, lights and sets, the result is incredible. WOW is New Zealand's most extravagant crowd-puller - what fun it has been spotting potential attendees through the day in the shops - and very defnitely worth a visit. 

It is not possible to take photographs in the arena but you can see some of the costumes, award-winners, on this link. What a fabulous night it was!