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Published: 27 August 2021

By Andy Ross

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Visible mending

As the world turns from fast fashion towards more sustainable and environmentally-friendly clothes and clothing production, visible mending is increasing in popularity. 

While mending has been around ever since people first clapped eyes on a moth hole in a treasured textile, nowadays it is becoming celebrated as a craft in its own right. Take, for example, Hikaru Noguchi Darning or Visible Mending. (Hint: Use Google Chrome to open the Japanese site and click on your preferred language for a translation). Making a virtue out of something that is quite often little short of a tragedy can be beautiful, can't it?

Our correspondent in Shetland, Debra, is learning how to make use of Visible Mending and has started to write short articles about the experience. You can read the first one here and more will follow.