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Published: 10 December 2012

By Andy Ross

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Virtual and real weaving

The WeaveTech forum, an online group for more advanced weavers has interesting discussions and at the moment, the group is talking about the future of conferences and this. http://blog.blprnt.com/blog/blprnt/infinite-weft-exploring-the-old-aesthetic is a post by Jer Thorp about creating virtual textiles in order to see what the textiles could look like and what problems may arise before actually weaving the cloth. A good idea and very interesting indeed!

When I went onto that blog, I also noticed this link http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.2116839046769.2127694.1419537671&type=3&l=151ec98116 which is to a Facebook page about numbers and weaving in Cancun, Mexico. Amazing colours and textures, and a lot of information in the pictures too.

Thanks to WeaveTech, Jer Thorp and Chip Morris.