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Published: 25 October 2012

By Andy Ross

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Vinyl, fiddle music and weaving via knitting...

The amazing web of links that we all share keeps astonishing us. After last week's blog entry about Laurie Anderson, a friend emailed with a whole lot of connections. Stay with me; this gets interesting!

According to our correspondent, Laurie Anderson was brought to London by Bob George who also, according to this entry on Wikipedia, released her first recording, O Superman, through his record label One Ten Records. Bob started collecting popular music on vinyl which gradually took over the flat he lived in. The collection is lovingly curated by Bob who travels the globe, writes about world music on the blog http://arcmusic.wordpress.com/, and has worked with some incredible people and organisations, advising and supporting music from across the earth.

A very special Shetland jumper...

There is a link between Bob's collection and Patrice George, a designer/ weaver who uses AVL looms, the same ones we have in our studio. Patrice has been assistant professor in Textile Development and Marketing at New York's Fashion Institute of Technology since 2006 and her business is the creation of woven fabrics for interiors. She also has a special interest in music and in fiddles! (Isn't that a brilliant pattern on this website?), and, to quote, "textiles and music are inseparable. Music informs my design ideas, weaving works its way into the rhythm of my music."

Now for the killer blow! Patrice knows Shetland fiddle music, has had some tuition in it and has a link with Norwegian music and knitting which shares many characteristics with Shetland. I have introduced her to the fabulous jumper that I own made by local knitter, Doreen Brown who runs Shetland Collection....

So we are looking forward to many chats and meanders through the highways and byways. Textiles and music. Who says they don't go together?