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Published: 21 June 2013

By Andy Ross

The Joy of Vinyl

Do you have a collection of records gathering dust in the corner? Go on! Get them out. You may have a lovely surprise.

Last weekend we visited a friend and spent a lovely evening and morning listening to many records and marvelling at the covers that graced these monuments to the 1960's and 70's. I have been given some of the records to join an ever-growing collection, including early recordings of Four British Composers; Maxwell Davies, Alexander Goehr, Malcolm Williamson and Richard Rodney Bennett, Terry Riley In C  and British Motown Hits. I am loving listening to Mozart's Adagio for Glass Harmonica Solo K 617a and yes, it really is played on glass and this afternoon the sounds of Blue Whales, Right Whales and Humpbacks shook Ferncliff, the-house-that-stands-by-the-sea in Yell. One of the tracks on the last LP, Track 5 on this website,  is of unknown whales singing far away in the black depths of the ocean, Poignant and sorrowful, full of longing and wonder. Thank you benefactor of the records. They will bring many hours of pleasure.