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Published: 06 December 2012

By Andy Ross

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UK designers and the plans to stop creative education

The UK government has come up with plans for a shake-up of the curriculum in secondary schools. The plans include the introduction of an eBacc - an English Baccalaureate for secondary students which is aimed at giving every student complusory tuition in stem subjects - maths, English, sciences, languages (ancient and modern) and humanities.

The idea of the curriculum has not gone down too well with those in the design and arts sectors. Neither design nor art are considered to be a stem subject and there are fears that leaving schools to make choices about providing those subjects will lead to a drop in the numbers of students opting to take them, if they are available at all.

There are a few petitions available online to sign if you disagree with the idea or if you would like to take a more positive stance and ask that the arts and design be included in the new curriculum. Read more here:-Â http://www.dezeen.com/2012/12/05/uk-designers-fight-plans-to-smash-creative-education/