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Published: 21 November 2020

By Andy Ross

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Update on the tweed research project

In January the final thesis for this Masters of Research degree with Glasgow School of Art will be handed in. 

Nearly two years has elapsed since I started this Masters Degree. Now it is nearing the end date for submission and, following that, the viva examination in February. It has been an exciting project, not without its ups and downs, and the first draft of the complete thesis is now with the supervisors for comments. 

Coming into academia later in life than most has proved to be the best course of action for me. With the experience I have been able to bring to the project by virtue of the fact that I have worked in the tweed industry in Shetland for more than a decade, the project has whetted my appetite for learning and researching. I have been able to use the research in my own work and that surely is the point of undertaking it. 

Following the end of this project I shall be returning to Shetland, virus permitting, to tidy-up the studio, ready for what comes next. For now I am taking time off from research and writing, preparing for that last push to get the thesis ready for hand-in. After graduation the thesis and the collection of tweed that is now in the studio is planned to be given to the Shetland Museum and Archive for future researchers and designers to make use of. 

The pictures on this page are some that I have worked on this week to demonstrate the effect of pattern on colour and vice versa. They have been immensely satisfying to create for this research and have helped inform my understanding of this magical craft of weaving.