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Published: 13 August 2016

By Andy Ross

Tweed research August

The tweed research project has started in earnest.

On Tuesday all of us, Alicja, Hannah, Kirsty and I, went to Hoswick to see the tweeds and to start the research. It was a fascianting day although I stayed in the office and worked out some patterns and left the others to go through the boxes and see what is there. Lots of ideas and laughter coming from the room next door bodes well for this project. 

The Tweed Research Project is the first stage of a much bigger idea to do academic research into the tweed history of Shetland, linking that with interviews from those who used to work in the industry. As a start though, we are looking for people who know something about the industry, whether in Shetland or out of the isles. If you know anyone or maybe worked in the weave industry yourself, please get in touch. We would be Very Pleased to hear from you. 

We are also looking for artefacts or cloth to photograph. If you have any or suspect you know where some is, please let us know. We don't want it; we just want to see it and maybe take some pictures...