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Published: 04 February 2017

By Andy Ross

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Maps of tweed

This week a friend from across The Pond (hello Kelli) sent us news which she thought would be right up our alley. And so it proved!

Kate Davies' (and Tom's) fabby website has an article about an artist who works with Harris Tweed (which you can see being made here in another link sent by Kelli). Jane Hunter has been using the textile to make maps based on geology and topography, and you can see some of her work on Kate's website here.  Love it!

Do you remember when maps were actual things, not GPS coordinates on a screen. When I was young we had the Readers Digest Atlas, a huge tome of maps but with all sorts of other information too. Stars, minerals, geology, topographical maps... all were grist to the Atlas' mill. Nowadays I own a copy of this book again, and wonderfully evocative reading it is too. Maybe one day I shall own a Jane Hunter map too...