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Published: 30 November 2019

By Andy Ross

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Tullio Crali

The Futurist, Tullio Crali, created work throughout much of the Twentieth Century.

The Estorick Gallery in London is showing the work of Italian Futurist artist, Tullio Crali, in 2020. While the violence implicit in many of the works and enshrined in the tenents of the Futurist movement are difficult to reconcile with the concepts of beauty, it cannot be denied that the paintings on show here are full of energy, colour and movement.  Many of them remind me of the draping of fabrics, or the repeats of mid-century patterns (if that doesn't sound too trite a statement to make regarding the artist's work!)

You can make up your own mind by seeing the exhibition at the Estorick in North London from January 15th 2020 through to April 11th.