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Published: 12 August 2017

By Andy Ross

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A beautiful book

As you know, we love books in the studio and we have a collection of many kinds, including some illustrated by autolithographs. 

Autolithography is a technique which uses stone to transfer images, and this gives a special kind of texture to pictures. A new-to-us book, Tucky the Hunter, illustrated in this way has just arrived and deserves to be shared! 

The story of Tucky is told in poetry. Tucky is a fierce hunter, but only in his dreams. In reality he is five years old, but at night he roams the land shooting fierce creatures with his pop-gun. One night he goes out and shoots a meadow-lark, pocketing the bird's song which continues to live with him forever, and which his mother sings back to Tucky to banish his night fears. It is a beautiful story, poignant and mournful in that way that things can be happy and sad at the same time.

I hope the authors do not mind me showing you one of the pictures from the book. Although copyright exists - the book was published in 1978 by James Dickey and Marie Angel - it is such a lovely thing that I hope a picture will encourage others to go out and find their own copy. Treasure indeed...