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Published: 23 October 2014

By Andy Ross

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The textile tours 2014

Our final textile tour has just ended. Three a year, each one different and each one enjoyable.

This latest adventure (pictured opposite in Northmavine with Guide Peter Van Mill) is always a little slower because it is October so many of the attractions are closed. But it is my favourite because we spend time exploring and seeing things that we could not otherwise see. Time to see the incredible lace knitting of the isles (pictured here in the Shetland Museum), walking in the hills to see Gunnister Man's final resting place and the scenery in Northmavine, factories, workshops and shops... 

This year our visitors have come from the UK, Switzerland, Canada, the USA, Australia and Belgium, and we have bookings open for 2015 with May filling up fast. 

It is a real privilege to run these tours. The generosity of local people means that we can give our visitors a real glimpse of life in the islands (including peat cutting as seen below), and an understanding of why Shetland textiles are unique. Combined with our dramatic scenery, anyone with the slightest romantic bent is in seventh heaven. So, thanks to everyone who is so welcoming to us. Long may Shetland textiles continue to inspire us all.