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Published: 07 September 2018

By Andy Ross

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Touring Shetland

It is the last two weeks of tours in Shetland. What a stupendous summer it has been. 

As always, the tours of Shetland include many knitters but this year we have had embroiderers, weavers, spinners, beaders, stitchers, quilters and applique artists. It has been great fun to meet all these different people, and to hear about the work people do when they are not travelling or involved in textiles. Nurses, doctors, teachers, engineers, technology experts, managers, business owners, travel guides and agents, even someone who works for the space industry as a designer/ engineer. What a range and all brought together by our love of textiles and Shetland. Thank you all for coming along and spending time in the isles with us. 

2019 is looking to be a busy year too. Once this season is by, Wool Week is over and classes are complete, we will be sorting out the winter sessions, and planning classes and workshops for next year. How exciting is that?!