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Published: 30 March 2019

By Andy Ross

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The clocks have changed

By the time you receive this, dear readers, the clocks in the UK will have shifted to British Summertime.

On Saturday night the clocks move forward by an hour and that can only mean one thing. The Summer is coming! Lambing season starts in a couple of weeks, although there are a few early babies around, and the daffodils are out in force. This far North, we are a week or two behind the south of Shetland in the blooming so our heads-up about the turn of the year is the return of the shalders; the oystercatchers which fly in to breed. Our resident pair turned up a few weeks ago and now that the daffodils are flowering we can rest easy that the winter is on its way out. 

In the studio we have been busy with the new display area and moving things in, out and about. Chance discoveries at the local Scrapstore where we often find treasure have been put on display - this week it is a barrel vaulted blanket chest which looks fab in the display with cushions and blankets cascading out of it. Alvin is being tweaked again because he is not weaving so smoothly as he was...Slowly we are preparing for the new season and slowly we are waking up from the winter pace. Soon it will be time for long walks in the hills, and picnics, and touring, and conversations and and and. Yes, the Summer is on its way.