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Published: 30 August 2013

By Andy Ross

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Japanese artist Chiharu Shiota

Our friends over at Designboom.com sent through a link which intrigued me.

Surrounded by black threads, a piano sits in the middle of a room. Rows of chairs face the instrument, also tangled in threads. It looks like a concert that has never happened except that the piano is burned and charred. It will never play again. Do the black threads represent smoke? Or the sounds that will never be? It looks like an amazing art piece and one that I would love to see.

The artist has used thread and fabrics in lots of work. On her website there is a piece from 1994 which uses black threads and acorns to define space. There are dresses marching across a room in Lyon, and red threads cascade down a wall in the Contemporary Art Museum in Kagawa. Wonderful how such a simple fibre can become something else in an artist's hands.