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Published: 04 September 2012

By Andy Ross

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Things cross-over...

The woven whirlpool, the fantastic creation by Lucy McMullen which was last exhibited at the Warp and Weft show is in good company next week! It has been chosen to appear at a show curated by Liz Cooper at the Pumphouse Gallery in London.

The show, Beauty is the First Test runs from 12 September to 25 November 2012 and the exhibitors are Michael Brennand-Wood, Suresh Dutt, Janice Gunner, Lesley Halliwell, Lucy McMullen, Janette Matthews, Peter Randall Page, Ann Sutton, Laura Thomas. I am looking forward to seeing the show.

The idea behind this exhibition is the beauty of mathematics and art and craft, showing that the threads between them are more commonplace than most people know. As a long-standing, closet mathematician who delights in the way that numbers can be made to do beautiful things and who thinks that music is poetic mathematics, I think this show will be a great treat!