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Published: 17 April 2010

By Andy Ross

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The singing SWRI

Well, we were meant to be in Inverness at the Scottish Womens Rural Institute National Choirs Competition this weekend but got bested by THAT volcano. The SWRI choir, luckily, had sung at the quiz night on Wednesday in the Town Hall. We were really good! I think it is the best we had ever sung.

The songs we are working on are Yellow Submarine and Skerry Song, both of which will be performed at a concert in June for the Hamefarin'.

For these and other pictures, see our Flickr site. (www.flickr.com/photos/ eggbenedict) SWRI choir meets at the moment on Wednesday evenings in Weisdale. For more information, contact the SWRI direct, or send an email to globalyell@btconnect.com