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Published: 26 September 2012

By Andy Ross

The Power of Music Te Kaha o Te Waiata - Short Film | NZ On Screen

The Maori language is full of wonderful sounds and in a recent trawl of the internet, I stumbled upon something fun with a serious message: a music group who launched their new record (remember records?!) in a town that was having some social issues.

What I especially like is the way that people speak about bringing folk together through music. Nowadays we call this "Social Cohesion" which always makes me think of glue! In this film, the band members talk about "Social Harmony", a much more descriptive term, taking into account the diversity of people and attitudes who make up the worlds in which we live.

For a blast from the past, some fabulous harmonies and Maori songs, lovely shots of art and craft, and some 1980's nostalgia, have a look at http://www.nzonscreen.com/title/the-power-of-music-te-kaha-o-te-waiata-1988