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Published: 25 June 2010

By Andy Ross

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The longest day....

The longest day of the year has been and gone. Hope you had a good one and sat up, as I did, watching the sunset and enjoying the everlasting light.

We had a full house at the Centre with Jan Hardin in to work on the next set of workshops and community events, her husband Tim was warping up, and Maggie Bowler was on the smaller loom making a wonderfully bright striped warp. I have set up one of the large looms with a strong set of threads for rag rugging. This is a future workshop so start gathering those old pieces of fabric!

If you want to visit the Centre, please contact us and arrange to have a demonstration. We will be very pleased to show you the equipment, the looms and you are welcome to play in the yarn store. The rag rugging loom is set up for anyone to try, so please feel free.