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Published: 24 July 2012

By Andy Ross

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The end of an era

Ann Sutton, our wonderful weaver friend and benefactor of ASF Shetland, is closing her weave studio in Arundel. If you would like to browse weaving books, reeds, yarns (including some Craftsman's Mark), and small pieces of equipment, Ann is welcoming enquiries from individuals or small groups until the end of September this year. You will need to email to make an appointment to visit - annsutton(at)macdream.net, and then lose yourself in a little bit of weaving history...

Ann sent us up her weave teaching samples which she had collected over the years. A lovely box arrived with lovely pieces pinned to cardboard tags. What a treat to open the box and even more so to take out the samples and see what the pieces were. Thanks Ann!