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October 6, 2015 By Andy Ross

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Thank you

Last week I blogged about curtains that can harvest energy from the sun and asked if someone could explain a little more about them. 

Thanks to some lovely readers, I now know that the curtains are knitted and that the solar panels are held in pockets. The copper wires which connect the panels are knitted into the structure, and now it all makes sense!

The woven whirlpool The woven whirlpool The idea of making fabrics using metal wires reminds me of our very own woven whirlpool (left) which was created by Lucy McMullen. The whirlpool is made of Shetland wool and copper wire, woven as four layers of cloth which interlink and allow the sculpture to stand by itself. Perhaps we need to explore a solar energy gathering woven whirlpool next... Volunteers?