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Published: 10 November 2014

By Andy Ross

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Thank you

Last week we posted an entry about supporting the blog writing that I do and here is what we found out.

Readers like the friendly tone of the blog. (Great, 'cause we like being friendly.)

Readers enjoy the variety of things that we post but most prefer the textiles entries. (That is really not surprising seeing as how most of our readers have signed up either at the studio in Yell or at Knitting and Stitching Show this year in London.)

Some readers enjoyed finding out other things which led on from our blog email. (One of our regular correspondents sent us a link after reading the blog for this week's entry on hammocks! Thanks Ms You-Know-Who-You_Are.)

Many of our readers send on links and share stories with other people, friends and family. (Thanks for doing that. It is great to share these interesting things.)

Lastly, people wanted to know how to send things in. It really is as easy as sending an email with a link to the thing you want us to see.

So, in conclusion, the blog is bringing interesting things to our readers and as it develops over the next few months, we shall try our hardest to make it relevant and even more interesting. Thank you for reading it and for replying to the request from last week.