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Published: 17 April 2010

By Andy Ross

Textiles from the English Church, Lerwick

Last night, because of the volcano in Iceland, all the flights were cancelled across the UK which meant that the SWRI choir (see separate post) could not get to the National Competition. I instead spent the night in town with my friend

Cushla, a wonderful New Zealander, who showed me the fabrics and vestments from St Magnus. The church is being renovated and so all the textiles have been moved. Now, I don't know much about religious textiles, but these are really beautiful just as fabrics and embroidery.

I have taken some pictures and put them on Flickr.com and if anyone knows any more, please get in contact.
Cushla is going to find out some more from the local congregation, and from Carol at the Shetland Museum. (Carol Christiansen is a textiles expert and has a wealth of knowledge and information to share.)
If we find out more, I will add to the blog. In the meantime, enjoy the Quicktime movie  and images below!

St Magnus textiles