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Published: 06 October 2015

By Andy Ross

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Money as textile

Banknotes, those elusive, value-laden in all senses of the word pieces of paper have a finite life, as we all know. Here is an ingenious art piece made from decommissioned notes. 

Angela Mathis, a designer from Rotterdam, has used old notes to make a textile which is then used on stools. The unique fabric is colourful and textured, and under a UV light, security marks show up which proves that this was real currency at one point in its life!

As an art piece this project questions the real value of banknotes. After all, they are only printed paper and it is only convention that makes them "worth" anything. As the world changes over to digital ways of paying for goods and services, what will happen to paper currency and one day will it simply be a curiosity? 

VALUE - A material from banknotes from Angela Mathis on Vimeo.