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Published: 23 March 2019

By Andy Ross

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A fascinating book... or three

This week, some new books have arrived for the library.

Textile Colour Mixing is an ex-library book from University Leeds Library and was last issued in 1995. However it was published in 1927 by Ernest Benn Limited in London and is a "Manual intended for the use of dyers, Calico printers and colour chemists." The author, David Paterson, writes eloquently and clearly about the study of colour and the presentation of colour in dyeing and mixing, and gives examples, including these fantastic strips of dyed cloth along with their chemical dye analysis (pictured). A great book to have a browse through. 

The picture on the right is from another ex-library book which has arrived. Woollen and Worsted came from The Polytechnic in Huddersfield and dates from 1915. Robert Beaumont describes the various ways in which woollen and worsted manufacture differ, and the difference in the fabrics that can be created through those processes. I love the fold-outs, one of which shows the scribbling, carding and condensing machines for fine wools. Isn't that fun?!

The last book that has been added to the collection is Textile Conservation and Research by Machthild Flury-Lemberg. This impressive tome was published in 1988 and describes the conservation of the Abegg collection in Switzerland on the Abegg Foundation's 20th anniversary. It is filled with images and details of the ancient textiles in the collection, and intricate examples of the conservation processes that each piece underwent in the efforts to present the collection to the public. 

The library and book collection are available for browsing. If you would like to use either, please get in touch to book some time.