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Published: 24 March 2018

By Andy Ross

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Our textile collection

As you all will know, we have a collection of textiles of various ages and qualities. We add to it often.

At the studios we have had a massive clean-out and move-around in preparation for the summer season and to give us more room. In the so doing the collection has been moved into one room and is being catalogued and archived so that we know what we actually have!

This week a big delivery of textile related objects came in on the mail and by courier. We have added some mid-century furnishings, (antimacassars and the like), a rather lovely countryside print on cotton of British animals and birds (printed for the Norfolk Naturalists Trust by Warner), a rather large chenille hanging from the 1950's, and some kimonos. But the best of the additions are two pieces, one by Kathy Schicker - textile designer - and the other by Lara Carter - embroiderer. 

Kathy's piece is entitled Waterfall and is a beautiful Jacquard woven piece depicting just that. It is hanging in the production studio where it looks like it made for our space. The piece came from a project that Kathy did with GSK and it feels somewhat like an Asian scroll to me. What do you think? You can see more about Kathy on Facebook or by looking at KathKath studios. 

The second is a tremendous piece of manual labour and love called, I think, Rose. It is a view inside a building with vaulted ceiling and is entirely made of patchwork and then freehand machine quilted over the top. One of Lara's pieces is in the Goldsmith's collection  - see the link here. Ours is absolutely stunning and so now it forms the centrepiece of our summer exhibition, as you can see in the picture. (By the way, please excuse the table leg in the way in the picture. The exhibition is definitely a work in progress!)

If any visitors would like to see the collection and go through it for ideas and inspiration please contact us at the studio and we will be pleased to show you.