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Published: 04 February 2011

By Andy Ross

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Textile journeys

Our mini-tours - four days of spinning, lace knitting workshops, studio visits, beautiful walks, and talks - have had an added boost! When you leave us on the last day, we are pleased to say that you won't just have the things you have made throughout the tour. You will also leave with one of the new lace knit scarves from Shetland Wool Brokers!

The Wool Brokers is on our itinerary, as is the Shetland Museum with its lovely collection, beautifully displayed. We will also visit the Textiles Museum and see the knitwear from the past and some of the exciting new pieces.

Also on our trip is a visit to the last remaining Spinning and Weave Mill in Shetland, Jamiesons in Sandness. We may have time for a detour to visit some studios on the way, and then we have three days in the North Isles. Plenty of fun, and learning with local people, including the famous lace knitting of Unst.

More details to follow! Keep updated on the textiles tours under the Textiles with ASF Shetland link.