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Published: 28 September 2019

By Andy Ross

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Teaching weave

The first workshop of ours for Wool Week has finished. It is such a joy to watch people create beautiful things.

I am always amazed by the different ways that people think and the completed results from a class. This one was for absolute beginners and we worked with pre-warped looms in Shetland colours. As the class was only for a day we did plain weave, basket weave and twills. 

Twills are so versatile. Starting with ordinary diagonal lines running through the cloth we then progressed onto reverse twills, and diamonds, all traditional in Shetland tweeds. And then the colours started to emerge as confidence grew. At the end of the session four different samples of colourful work were cut off the loom, ready for finishing at home. I forgot to take photos but we had a guest here who took some and will let us have them. When they arrive I'll put them on the blog. 

I love teaching. It is great to see what people do after a few instructions and some guidance. This week there are two more classes and then a talk about Shetland tweed. How much fun!