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Published: 16 January 2014

By Andy Ross

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All about embroidery

A few weeks ago, in a moment of serendipity, two readers sent in links to needlework pieces. Both are tapestries, but embroidered not woven, and both are stupendous.

Thanks to the joy of the internet a reader in the US sent us a message about a book on the Great Tapestry of Scotland. Although we have had an entry about the tapestry before, it really is worth having another look and now I have been told that there is a book and have found some music, all relating to the history of Scotland as told through the needlework.

A few days ago, another subscriber sent in this link from South Africa about the Keiskamma Trust's tapestry on the history of South Africa. At 120 metres, it is an extraordinary work and the website devoted to the tapestry shows how it was made and pictures of the panels. You can even see the entire length of the work at the foot of the page. Clicking on each panel brings a close-up. 

Thank you kind readers for your links. We like people who share.