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Published: 25 January 2020

By Andy Ross

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Tailored for Freedom

Design for a Futurist Suit (evening) 1914 - Giacomo Balla

Costume and dress has long been intriguing, possibly never more so than at the turn of the last century when art became all-encompassing.

A new-to-the-studio book seeks to explore the relationship between artistic dress and photography and fine art around 1900. Entitled Tailored for Freedom: the artistic dress around 1900 in fashion, art and society the book looks at the reform movements which swept across Europe, bringing with them physical and social emancipation for women, and more freedom in dressing than men had enjoyed previously. It is a book full of images and ideas, joyfully celebrating individuality and style. Please do ask to see it if you are in. A cup of coffee and this inspiring book will definitely while away a happy couple of hours.