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Published: 04 March 2017

By Andy Ross

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A change of tack

As the summer nears and we plan what is happening, so things inevitably need to change to accommodate everything that we need to do. 

Of course, as soon as one thing changes, all sorts of things change. A sort of chain reaction happens and the domino effect very quickly becomes apparent. But, as a wise old owl once said, you don't know until you try it and so we are going to try something different for the season. 

Apart from the times that we shall be away on textile tours or teaching in schools, we are going to be weaving on the Big Loom, Alvin, on one day in the weekend. (That is Alvin on the left of this page, with a new warp by Ann Sutton ready to go.) This means that if anyone wants to come for a visit to see how we make cloth, either warping up, threading or actually weaving, the weekend is best. It also means that on the weekend we will be able to concentrate on that single task, something that is really important for any small business where we all do everything and sometimes feel like we are being pulled in all directions at once! Weaving requires concentration and single-mindedness and focus. Hopefully this will allow us that discipline.

Give us a call if you want to visit us. We are on 01957 744 355, and we'd love to see you over the summer.