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Published: 06 November 2021

By Andy Ross

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An unexpected fashion show

Last week, on the off-chance, we got ourselves invited to a fashion show...

The Africa Centre is about to open a new building and we walked over to see when it would be ready to visit. Although it will be a few weeks yet, in the lobby of the adjoining space we saw some clothes on a rail and, always looking for new fashion, we asked to have a look. To our surprise, we were invited to come back that afternoon to see the launch of a new menswear label so we went back to what turned out to be a Very Stylish Event.

Sydney-Davies is a label created by Euphemia Sydney-Davies and named in honour of her father. Euphemia is from Sierra Leone and came to the UK as a refugee with her mother. After training at Alexander McQueen, she established the label and has recently made a decision to focus on menswear. This fashion show was the inaugural event in celebration of that event. To begin, each model came in, walked slowly to an alloted plinth onto which they stepped and stood still. Each of the models was dressed in Japanese-inspired clothes with a bold print or text on the front and back. When everyone was in the room the audience, all dressed-up to the nines, was invited to walk around and look at the clothes; a sort-of reverse fashion show. It was a very lovely event, full of warmth and the excitement that comes with seeing something new and unique. 

We wish Sydney-Davies all the luck in the world. I hope this label succeeds in a competitive world. It deserves to.