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Published: 29 September 2018

By Andy Ross

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Shetland Wool Week 2018

Another Shetland Wool Week has come to an end. What a busy and fulfilling week it has been. 

This year there were more events, more visitors, more excitement... In fact, more of everything. Our studio in Yell has been full of people weaving and visiting, and, judging by the anecdotes that we have heard, people are becoming more and more interested in weaving as a craft. 

This week we ran a "Weave Shetland Tweed" session on Monday for five Swedish visitors, a "Beginning to Weave" session on Wednesday with visitors from the USA, UK and Canada  and on Thursday and Friday we held two sessions about colour blending and sampling with visitors from Germany, UK and the USA. The events were all Great Fun and it was gratifying to see the different results that came from the same basic elements and instructions. Imagination is a wonderful thing, isn't it?

Next year is the tenth anniversary of Wool Week in Shetland. We are very proud to have been here right from the beginning and will be celebrating in style in the autumn of 2019. For the winter though it is time to start doing all the projects that we have not been able to get to over the summer. Warps are going on for new cloths, ideas for workshops and events are being planned, (Shibori anyone?) and preparations for the next book have been started. 

Thank you to everyone who came to the studio in Yell over Wool Week. The end of the event signals the end of the summer season. We are open over the winter however if you happen to be in the North. Come along and spend some time with the art and textiles collection, the libraries and try weaving on our pre-warped loom.