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Published: 28 July 2012

By Andy Ross

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Scandinavian knitting from Shetland

Fancy learning a bit of knitting from across the water? Brita at the Textile Museum in Lerwick is going to be running two sessions on Twoend knitting, Tvåändsstickning. Now, I won't pretend I knew what this is, but I will say that it sounds and looks intriguing. “Knitting with two strands of yarn, held in the right hand and twisted around each other in the same direction between every stitch.”

The sessions are at 7pm in the evening on Thursday 2nd and the 9th, and are completely and absolutely free. How about that for a bargain!

To find out more, call the museum on 01595 694386 or send an email to us and we will forward it on. Happy knitting!