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Published: 12 October 2019

By Andy Ross

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Sunday and next week's blog

Today, Sunday 13th October, I am doing a concert in Sellafirth.

I am hoping to be able to stream the concert on Facebook Live but it is not as simple as it sounds! If you would like to join us, and if the technology works, you can look the concert up under my Facebook name - andy.ross.3323 - from about ten to two UK time. If the technology does not work we will also be recording the concert so that it can be uploaded at some point. Please do remember to mute your microphone if you join us. Fingers crossed it all works.

Next week I am off for a week. As a fiftieth birthday treat to myself I am going to learn how to sketch and draw primates at Monkey World. A weekend of working with a professional artist. In addition I am going to see some exhibitions in London and will report back on it all the following week. Next weekend there will be no blog.