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Published: 09 July 2016

By Andy Ross

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Exhibitions in Shetland

This week a trip to Lerwick came up trumps on the exhibition front!

First, a short detour into Weisdale and the Bonhoga Gallery which is owned by Shetland Arts to see a show of work done by schoolchildren across the islands. What a pleasure to see something like this. 

Downstairs. the cafe tables are covered in cloths created by the young folk out of oil cloth and plastic tape while the walls are hung with canvas with pictures and words on it (my favourite is the budgie on the left) and pictures of rolls of paper. Alongside in the cabinets clay models of 'most everything that you could possibly imagine... Fun and colour and imagination in buckets.

Upstairs the gallery is divided up by paper covered with drawings and projections of animation, while models and sculptures show, in three dimensions, the resource materials from the downstairs cabinets. 

You can see some 

of the pieces in the pictures on this page. What a lot of hard work and carefully thought-through processes from resources to finished pieces in multiple disciplines. Brilliant! Congratulations everyone.

At the Museum in Lerwick is a show by mother and daughter, Ingrid and Robyn. Called Tinkin Lang, it is presents tapestry, stitch, print and words of the places and landscapes familiar to these two Shetland artists. the exhibition runs until 14th August at the Shetland Museum and Archive; a little more information is on their webpage. There are a few pieces I would happily buy to add to the collection at the studio.