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Published: 08 February 2019

By Andy Ross

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Touring Shetland in the summer

This year's tours of Shetland, May, June and July, promise to be a lot of fun!

We always have a good time on the tours. Companionship, food, drink and textiles in amongst Shetland's beautiful scenery. What is not to love. In addition, this year we have some new eateries to visit and some new places to stop at for textiles enthusiasm galore. The May tour has one place left, sadly June has two because there has just been a cancellation, and July - that is the tour with workshops by me and by Shona Skinner - has one place. Back in 2007  when we started touring the isles, who knew that they would become so popular? Since those days, twelve years ago, the season has expanded and our first tours are actually in March this year. These are private tours with an Australian group and a North American group. I hope they are prepared for Weather with a very definite capital "W"!

If you are interested in the tours please send me an email - globalyell@btconnect.com and I can send on information.